'Go Fund Yourself,' Says Nomi Health in Biting Satire About Healthcare's Problems

Arnold campaign takes aim at access and cost

We've normalized crowdfunding to pay for medical procedures, which says a great deal about our healthcare system.

Nomi Health, a healthcare service provider that aims to lower healthcare costs by 30 percent, pokes fun at this very concept in its first ad campaign, "Go Fund Yourself."

A 90-second satirical video, created by Arnold Worldwide, follows an out-of-touch healthcare exec describing how healthcare companies are fighting back against patients having a hard time paying for medical needs.

Appointment out of network? Go fund yourself. Pricey prescriptions? Go fund yourself. Copay on a colonoscopy? Bend over and go fund yourself where the sun don't shine. The spot ends with a URL CTA and a smug grin from the exec.

Nomi Health | Go Fund Yourself

"The current healthcare system and its incumbent players are definitively failing to address the healthcare needs of the nation," says Anthony Modano, CMO of Nomi Health. "Americans are literally sick and tired while being handed a bigger bill each year, and to that the health system is saying 'Go Fund Yourself.' Our campaign shines a glaring light on the shortcomings of the current system and the 'future' we're already barreling towards if we don't urgently address them."

The video is running on Nomi Health's social media channels but serves as both an industry and consumer campaign.

"The idea is a call to arms to rethink the healthcare system as a whole," Sean McBride, CCO of Arnold, tells Muse. "And the truth behind the idea—that crowdsourced fundraising has become a fundamental and widely accepted way for regular people to pay medical bills—is a sad reality that should ring true for the healthcare industry and consumers alike."

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