This Children's Health System Made a Dream Come True for Kids: an Elevator With 1,400 Buttons

Finally, they can press as many as they want

A whimsical shopping-mall activation from the Children's Health system in Texas lets kids push elevator buttons with reckless abandon, without making the car stop on every floor. The project illustrates the provider's dedication to pediatric care and symbolizes its commitment to making life better for youngsters however it can.

Working with Colle McVoy, the healthcare and hospital system transformed an elevator at the Stonebriar Centre in Frisco, Texas, into a colorful "Get Well-evator." Filled with empowering messages and graphics, the car boasts lots of buttons for kids to press—1,400 to be exact. They light up in bright colors, but don't actually control any of the unit's functions.

This project video just might lift your spirits:

Children's Health | Get Well-evator

"Kids love to push all the buttons, but parents are always holding them back," Colle McVoy group creative director Dustin Black tells Muse. "We wanted to bring joy to kids and let them go crazy."

"Children's Health's mission is to make life better for children," Black says. "This can happen wherever and whenever. The Get Well-evator brings this message to life by allowing kids to act on their playful impulses."

In fact, the buttons randomly display different colors, providing a new treat with each finger-poke. "They stay lit for about four seconds, just long enough for kids to keep coming back for more," says Black.

Straightforward and fairly low-tech, the Get Well-evator lets kids' imaginations and silliness soar. It's not aimed at sick kids or their parents per se, but serves instead as a novel, more general reminder that Children's Health will be there if needed.

The elevator will retain its tricked-out format through year's end.


Client – Children's Health
Agency – Colle McVoy
CCO – Mike Caguin
Group creative director – Dustin Black
Copywriter – Matt Cermak, Michele Cherland
Designer – Stephanie Mertes
Programming – Colin Travis
Video/Photo – Carl Martin
Account management - Mike Schwab, Tricia Lynch, Britanny Gerdin
Media strategy - Kerry Moore, Jenny Jurek, Sarah Barthel
Manufacturing/production - Travertine Elevator Interiors

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