This Agency Is Interviewing Job Candidates Inside Fortnite

Dare.Win's nod to its love of entertainment

If you want to land an internship at European agency Dare.Win, you'd better play the video game Fortnite. Because that's where the interviews are happening. 

The agency, with offices in Berlin and Paris, said today that it is launching a unique recruitment campaign seeking a creative team for a six-month internship in Paris, starting "as soon as possible." 

The agency explains: "With us, they will be creating experiences for brands such as Spotify, PlayStation, Bacardi, YouTube or even their favorite artists and TV shows. You got it, we love entertainment, that's why this year, we'll pass the interview on the worldwide battle royale game: Fortnite!" 

Those who are interested should add @DarewinFr on PlayStation Network and schedule a game with the agency. 

"People add us on Fortnite and we ask for their book," a rep for Dare.Win tells Muse. "After that, we invite them to play, and during a game we chat together with a microphone, asking some questions." 

Any merging of the real world with video game worlds can be pretty fun. For us, the most memorable recent example was when Wieden + Kennedy built a phone in Minecraft that could make real-world calls. 

Dare.Win is taking pity on those who don't play Fortnite, however. They can apply for the internship through the email address​. But let's face it—those Luddites don't stand a chance. 

Tim Nudd
Tim Nudd was editor in chief of the Clio Awards and editor of Muse by Clio from 2018 to 2023.

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