Trailers of the Week: Fargo, Maestro and Saltburn

Plus, Monarch and Waitress: The Musical

Fargo, Season 5
Trailer Agency: Buddha Jones

Right around the coroner is the fifth season of the award-winning black comedy anthology series, inspired by the Coen Bros.' movie of the same name. Juno Temple (Ted Lasso, The Offer) plays a midwestern housewife who finds herself caught up in a life of crime. Don't miss the premiere on Nov. 21.

Trailer Agency: GrandSon Creative

Bradley Cooper's highly-anticipated second film explores the life of composer Leonard Bernstein. We see how Bernstein's family, including his wife Felicia, helped shape the conductor's remarkable career. Grab the baton on Dec. 20.

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters
Apple TV
Trailer Agency: Wild Card Creative Group

The MonsterVerse franchise returns, and we witness the next battle between Godzilla and the Titans. Father/son duo Kurt and Wyatt Russell uncover the mystery of the giant creatures. Watch the first of 10 episodes on Nov. 17.

Trailer Agency: GrandSon Creative

Saltburn is a psychological thriller, written and directed by Emerald Fennell (Killing Eve, Promising Young Woman). A student at Oxford University visits a new friend's family home, where he discovers an enticing mystery that changes his life forever. You won't want to miss this on Nov. 22.

Waitress: The Musical
Bleecker Street
Trailer Agency: Seismic Productions

The original Broadway cast brings you a live rendition of their 2015 stage hit, based on Adrienne Shelly's movie. Sara Bareilles wrote the songs and performs. Open your eyes and ears on Dec. 7.

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