From Extraction to The Trip to Greece, See This Week's New Trailers and Posters

A great week for craft in entertainment marketing

What a week in entertainment marketing. I've got to say, what really struck me this week was the masterful craftsmanship of each piece. This week's work truly shined a light on the art of marketing. Plus, it was a fun pool of stories to play with.

C'mon, who doesn't enjoy seeing Chris Hemsworth kick a little ass? And I don't care how old you are, we can all be lured by the grueling nature of high school politics portrayed in Selah and the Spades. Then L.A.'s favorite detective, Bosch, returned to the scene of a new crime. Boy, were we glad to see him!

If you're more the serious type, then I highly recommend The Innocence Files, a docuseries that has the power to both break your heart and lift your spirits. Or you could check out the new documentary on one of the most inspiring women alive, Jane Goodall.

Perhaps you're not getting enough family drama in quarantine? Then you should check out La Casa de las Flores. Or for an even intenser dramatic taste, try Money Heist. The excitement and mystery continue with the new season of Homecoming.

If you're looking for a little skateboard and Gen Z culture, Betty may be just what you're looking for. Or if you need a good laugh, Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon go on their latest trip, and the humor won't disappoint.

Whatever you're looking for, Hollywood's got it. While you're enjoying this week's trailers and posters, be sure to stop and admire the beautiful craftsmanship that goes into the work. Here are some of the latest releases.


Trailer Agency: Wild Card Creative Group 
Poster Agency: BOND 

Gear up for a thrill ride. Extraction, which stars Chris Hemsworth, whose mission to save the kidnapped son of an international drug lord, gets more dangerous with every step. The trailer takes your breath away, almost instantaneously. The visuals are stunning, but what really stands out are the sound design and music selection, which will wow you. The poster design harnesses the intensity of the story while keeping the star at the forefront. See Extraction on April 24.

Selah and the Spades

Amazon Studios 
Trailer Agency: Paradise Creative 
Poster Agency: Gravillis Inc. 

The trailer for Selah and the Spades, a film about the political landscape of a private boarding school in Pennsylvania, is slick and stylish. The opening monologue draws you in, intriguing you more with every word. The snapshot visuals are captivating and capture the fleeting nature of high school social hierarchy. The sound design also deserves a shoutout—it's crisp and piercing throughout. The poster design masterfully encompasses the queen bee in her habitat, throne and all. I love the gradient coloring, which reminds us stories of high school hierarchies are timeless. All hail, Selah and the Spades on April 17.


Amazon Prime Video 
Trailer Agency: TRANSIT 
Poster Agency: Rhubarb 

LAPD's finest is back, and he's got a helluva new crime to solve after a radioactive material is stolen and threatens the City of Angels. The music gives groove to the drama, and the striking full-frame graphics throughout demand your attention. Check out the entertaining character poster collection. The beautiful photography catches the very essence of each character—and who can resist the profile shot of Coltrane, Bosch's four-legged friend. Bosch returns April 8.

The Innocence Files

Trailer Agency: AV Squad 
Poster Agency: Art Machine 

The Innocence Files, a new docuseries about eight cases of wrongful conviction, looks powerful. The trailer's editing weaves together the stories, the heartbreak, and the injustice. While the stories are tragic, they take an uplifting turn as nonprofit organization The Innocence Project helps bring justice to those wrongfully convicted. The juxtaposing poster design speaks volumes. Discover The Innocence Files on April 15.

La Casa de las Flores

Trailer Agency: GrandSon
Poster Agency: P+A 

I am digging everything about the new trailer for La Casa de las Flores. From the bold typography to the floral full-frame graphics to the groovy music. What's not to love? Every second, every frame—this trailer is on-point, as is the design of the poster. The color scheme and floral pattern match the trailer's graphics. Combined with the family portrait and mural-like illustration, the finished product is remarkable. La Casa de las Flores returns April 23.

Jane: The Hope

National Geographic  
Trailer Agency: Ignition 

Few people uplift spirits like Jane Goodall. Just in time for Earth Day comes a documentary about the woman, wonder and activist who has spent her life bettering the world. The trailer is motivating, and I admire the graphics that expand outside of the box, just like the woman herself. See Jane: The Hope on April 22.

Money Heist

Trailer Agency: BOND
Poster Agency: Rhubarb 

The teaser for Money Heist Part 4 is as intense as a ticking bomb. In fact, it smartly mimics one. Not a single piece of dialogue is spoken, which only makes it more breathtaking, combined with the full-frame graphic ticking clock. Also, check out the superb poster illustrations. Each is exquisitely designed; the level of detail is flawless. The last illustration of "Nairobi" was created as a tribute and gift to her fans. The art was revealed in a mural in Berlin earlier this week. I'm blown away by every inch of this campaign. The Money Heist is now streaming. 


Trailer Agency: Concept Arts  

The trailer for Betty, a new HBO series centered around a group of female skateboarders in New York City, speaks to the core of skateboard culture. It's gritty and unpolished, you can't help but be charmed by the graffiti-like graphics throughout, and the music steals every scene. Betty arrives May 1. 


Amazon Prime Video
Trailer Agency: JAX  

The teaser for the new season of Homecoming is short but powerful. Led by a new cast, including superstar Janelle Monáe, the new season teases an intense mystery waiting to be uncovered. The opening shot is jarring, and from there, the piece is led by a monologue and the remarkable sound design. Every second is memorable. Uncover the new mystery on May 22.

The Trip to Greece

IFC Films 
Trailer Agency: Mark Woollen & Associates 
Poster Agency: N/A 

The boys are back in town—well, in Greece. Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan reunite for the fourth film in this brilliant travel adventure. The trailer will have you laughing from start to finish, and the editing plays in brilliantly to the jokes. The craft of the trailer is as smart and witty as the content itself. The poster expresses the charisma of the characters. Get ready for the final course on May 22.

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