From Barb & Star to The Nevers, See This Week's Trailers and Posters

Plus, WandaVision's midseason trailer and the return of Punky Brewster

Although Punxsutawney Phil predicted six more weeks of winter this week, things are only heating up in the world of entertainment marketing. 

First, we headed to the beach with Barb & Star in another perfectly offbeat piece of marketing for the new film starring the ever-hilarious Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo. Then, we got to examine the power of the written word, from pen pal letters to DIY zines. And you'll never guess which '80s star is making her comeback in the latest sitcom revival. Finally, it was a touch of the supernatural as we traveled to Victorian England and into the Marvel Universe.

So don't let ol' Phil get you down; there's still plenty of sunshine in the world of film and TV, so throw on your shades and check out some of this week's latest trailers and posters.

Barb & Star Go to Vista Del Mar

Trailer Agency: Workshop Creative
Poster Agency: Leroy & Rose

The full trailer for Barb & Star Go to Vista Del Mar is here … or is it? The first 30 seconds certainly have you second-guessing if you clicked the link for a new Stranger Things trailer instead. It's a delightful bait and switch as we are soon eating hotdog soup with our two Midwestern leading ladies. The trailer continues to keep the gleeful quirkiness alive with pastel graphics, Madonna, jokes, and an excellent montage that allows Barb and Star to really introduce themselves with some perfectly synchronistic "hi's." The new poster channels its inner Lisa Frank for a colorful explosion of the ladies out to sea. Get ready to meet Barb & Star some more when the film comes out on Feb. 12.

My Salinger Year

IFC Films
Trailer Agency: Zealot
Poster Agency: The Refinery

Based on the memoir by Joanna Rakoff, My Salinger Year, tells the story of Rakoff (played here by Margaret Qualley) as a young literary agent assistant who takes on the role of responding to J.D. Salinger's fan mail. This charming trailer employs excellent storytelling to piece together expository dialogue into a compelling piece that leaves you excited to see how Rakoff's story plays out. The sleek poster features Qually and co-star Sigourney Weaver in their respective bookish roles. My Salinger Year will be released March 5. 


Trailer Agency: Aspect
Poster Agency: N/A

Amy Poehler directs and stars in Moxie, a high school comedy following a young girl who, inspired by her mother's riot grrrl days, decides to pass out a feminist zine at her school. Bikini Kill's "Rebel Girl" expertly leads the way in this fun, fast-paced piece that exudes terrific punk and DIY flavor. The girl power is on full display as the trailer builds to a triumphant conclusion. The arresting poster plays nicely with black and white as our young heroines fight to topple the patriarchy. Moxie comes to Netflix on March 3. 

Punky Brewster

Trailer Agency: Buddha Jones

Punky Brewster is back! This classic 1980s sitcom is returning on NBC's Peacock and follows Punky (with Soleil Moon Frye reviving her original role) as a newly single mom who decides to take on a foster child of her own. This spunky trailer combines nostalgia, upbeat music, and both heartfelt and comical moments to successfully re-introduce Punky to the world. Catch her return on Feb. 25.


Trailer Agency: Level Up AV

Although the first half of WandaVision's inaugural season has already captivated Marvel content starved fans, a new midseason trailer never hurts to reel in more viewers and get those who are already hooked excited for what's to come. The energy is strong in this drummed-up summation of this unique series, guiding us through the sci-fi ideas and highlighting the various TV sitcom worlds that Wanda inhabits. A touch of fan favorites Kat Dennings and Randall Park sells the show's balance of funny and epic. Check out the first season of WandaVision now on Disney+.

The Nevers

Trailer Agency: Motive Creative

The Nevers is a new fantasy action series from HBO that follows a group of women in Victorian England who have supernatural abilities. This teaser is infused with magic and uses sharp, punctuating music and sound design to introduce us to this special group of ladies. The piece accentuates the cracks, crunches and drumstick hits to add a punchy dimension to the piece and highlight that though they may still be in corsets, this isn't your usual bunch of proper Victorian women. The Nevers comes to HBO in April. 

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