Nike Celebrates Premier League Goalscoring Record With 'Northern Lights' Above the U.K.

Recreating the Aurora Borealis for Manchester City's Erling Haaland

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Manchester is located in Northern England, but not so far north that the cosmic phenomenon known as the Aurora Borealis floods the sky. But the fabled Northern Lights blazed above Manchester last night—in a boffo branded display—to celebrate a new Premier League goalscoring record.

Manchester City's Erling Haaland set the single-season mark at 35 in a win over West Ham. To fete that achievement and honor Erling's Norwegian heritage, Nike harnessed hologram technology to project an "Aurora of Haaland" across the clouds.

"Outside the historic National Football Museum in Manchester, we recreated the Aurora Borealis. For real. Using an interactive outdoor light show, with smoke, lasers, projections and innovative Hologauze," Nike agency Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam explains.

Eat your heart out Aaron Judge! The New York Yankees superstar broke the American League 61-year-old home run record in 2022, and all he got for his efforts was ... a contract worth $360 million.

That's nice too.

Haaland, a rookie at age 22, eclipsed a mark that stood for three decades. Amazingly, he can shine brighter still, adding to his total with seven games remaining this season.

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