TikTok Asks for Remakes of Classic Skittles, Snickers and Old Spice Ads

Works with brands on Re:Make campaign

The sight gags from many classic commercials would seem tailor-made for TikTok parodies. And now, to celebrate the one-year anniversary of TikTok For Business, the video platform is seeking remakes of three classic spots: Skittles "Touch," Snickers "Game," and Old Spice "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like."

Here are the original spots, to refresh your memory:

Skittles | Touch
Snickers | Game
Old Spice | The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

TikTok worked with some of its well-known creators to launch the parodies, reimagining the iconic ad campaigns as TikToks. 

Check out those videos here:

Skittles 'Touch'

Creator: @maddiwinter


not me dissolving an entire building🙃 #SKITTLEStouch #tiktokremake #ad

♬ skittles touch official skittles - skittles

Creator: @nickuhas


This science experiment can give you the #SKITTLESTouch !! 🌈🤲🏻🌈 #TikTokReMake #ad @skittles

♬ original sound - NickUhas

Snickers 'Game'

Creator: @rosssmith


You really shouldn't hit the gym when you're hungry @domitrick @snickersbar #SnickersPartner #BettyWhite #TikTokReMake

♬ original sound - Ross Smith

You’re off your game when you’re hungry @coldcutz20 @rosssmith #Snickers #TikTokReMake #Ad

♬ original sound - snickers

Old Spice 'The Man Your Man Could Smell Like'

Creator: @munyachawawa


What’s better than a man smelling of Old Spice! Ain’t that right @munyachawawa #fyp #OldSpiceCaptain #foryourpage

♬ original sound - Old Spice UK

Creator: @niall.gray


@niall.gray shows us how to be an Old Spice man! #OldSpiceCaptain

♬ original sound - Old Spice UK

The campaign, which is somewhat reminiscent of Google's Project Re:Brief from almost a decade ago, is called Re:Make.

TikTok's Creative Lab worked with both Mars Wrigley (which owns Skittles and Snickers) and Procter & Gamble (which owns Old Spice), as well as BBDO (creator of the 2010 Snickers spot with Betty White), on the Re:Make campaign.

See more parodies at the hashtag #tiktokremake.

"Staying true to our mission to inspire creativity and bring joy, Re:Make by TikTok aims to inspire and educate brands and creative agencies on how to unleash their creativity on the platform," the platform said in a blog post.

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