You Can Scan Movies and TV Shows to Order McDonald's Delivery

TBWA guides viewers to scenes that feature McD's menu items

Let's say you're streaming a series or flick one night and spy your fave McDonald's food in a scene. Just scan the screen with your McD's app, and that grub could be at your door in no time. You'll have to be in the Netherlands to take advantage of the offer. Still, it's like the Jetsons future just arrived, but saltier and way more satisfying.

The fast feeder calls this a "reverse product placement campaign." Which isn't exactly accurate. Maybe "enhanced" is more on point? It's got fries, just go with it.

OOH and social will tip consumers about films and series with McD's in various scenes, along with exact timecodes.

"'Order That Scene' is meant for people who experience food cravings when binging streaming content,' explains McDonald's Netherlands CMO Stijn Mentrop. "We now have a new solution for our customers, one that is sure to resonate with anyone who has had a snack attack while watching their favorite film or series."

All kidding aside, it's a solid value-added option driving brand engagement in a way that feels fun and culturally attuned, in step with McD's recent efforts to integrate itself even deeper into our collective consciousness (if that's even possible).

Darre van Dijk, CCO of agency TBWA\Neboko, adds: "For brands, it has become more and more difficult to advertise on closed streaming platforms. This clever campaign shows that you can now have your McDonald's and chill at the same time, turning every streaming service into a delivery platform."


Client: McDonald's Netherlands
Creative Agencies: TBWA\Neboko, TBWA\X
Production: Studio Beng Beng
App Development: 51North
Legal & ICT Partner:

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