Lisa Frank Fans, This Insane Hotel Room Was Made for You

Let your inner child's Frank flag fly

We recently rediscovered that Lisa Frank, that icon of preadolescent '90s excess, still exists. The brand's Instagram, alive and well, plunged us back into a headspace where folders sporting doe-eyed baby tigers in gradient shades were the stuff of passive-aggressive class warfare: How fully could you live the Lisa Frank life? 

Now, as a full-grown adult with perhaps other things to worry about (or not), you can rent a Lisa Frank experience! The '90s brand has partnered with and Barsala to create a fully Franked-out flat in Los Angeles, available on from Oct. 11-27. 

"Over the past four decades, Lisa Frank fans have grown up enjoying our art in many forms," Lisa Frank's team earnestly reports. "Many of them now book hotel rooms for themselves and their families, and we are excited to partner with to be able to offer this immersive Lisa Frank experience."

Here's a breakdown of everything the penthouse promises, courtesy of ICF Next, with whom worked to bring the Lisa Frank Flat to life:

• A lounge, complete with a rainbow window display and a massive mural sporting Lisa Frank characters—nameless bunnies, bears and puppies, frozen in time mid-grin. 

• A separate wall gallery also features images of spokesman Captain Obvious, dressed to blend in, like a branded Where's Waldo. 

• A canopy bed that lights up, complete with branded bedding and a neon unicorn night light. 

• A shower featuring Lisa Frank's grinning dolphins and an LED rainbow light, not to mention a dolphin toilet paper dispenser that is not creepy at all. The towels are branded Lisa Frank and (count on them being stolen), and the bathrobe is hot pink, like our cheeks when reading Judy Blume.

• A cheetah-print kitchen, complete with a snack-stocked minibar. Think Pixi Stix, Pop Tarts, Planters Cheez Balls and more teeth-terrorizing yummies that no one can actually stop you from eating because you're ostensibly in your 30s now—or older! (For those getting sick of the age digs, we have two things to say: 1) No shame. We still sleep with night lights. 2) The '90s were three decades ago. Lisa Frank's modern fandom is entirely nostalgic. We give you Exhibit A.) 

• An office area complete with Lisa Frank pencils, folders and Trapper Keepers. Pen a letter to your BFF if you can remember how to write! It's totally worth it; the pencils are outfitted with swirly-color graphite, or whatever mineral pencils are fueled with these days. 

• A cross-branded robe, slipper set and eye mask.

"We wanted to design a room that celebrates all things '90s, and nothing screams childhood nostalgia more than these iconic designs," says president Adam Jay, who also knows his audience; we can't think of a generation more nostalgia-baitable than our own. " is thrilled to bring this dream room to life with Lisa Frank, and to reward travelers with a blast from their past."

The Lisa Frank Flat, resplendent in all colors, is located in downtown L.A. Booking officially opens on Friday, so hurry and page your friends because promises it'll be "all that and a bag of chips!" (We legit just clenched our sphincters.) 

A full gallery of images appears below.

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