In Norway, Škoda Offers AI-Guided 'Mystery Trips'

Any old car will do just fine

No one knows where AI will take us next. That makes "Mystery Trips" from Škoda Norway and TRY Advertising feel especially in tune with the times.

Through the program, users can generate random excursions and explore the byways, backroads, scenic beauty and nightlife across the Nordic nation. It takes less than 10 seconds, accessed through the automaker's website, app and various vehicle browsers.

Drive a Ford to the fjords or ease a Mercedes along mountain passes. That's cool with Škoda, which cheekily touts "Mystery Trips" as a way to "sneak into competitors' cars."

Škoda | Mystery Trips

The program accounts for weather, travel time, personal interests, family size and other factors.

So, what's the "mystery" aspect? Destinations remain hidden until arrival. Or, you can ask the AI to reveal the location at any point during the trip. Machines never lie!

"As the service is web-based, 'Mystery Trips' can integrate with the infotainment system in most car models," say Hallvard Vaaland and Mathias Sandvik, the creatives behind the concept. "This opens up new opportunities to engage with and experience the Škoda brand."

The work offers a slick fusion of tech and human aspiration. It casts AI as an expert co-pilot, helping users find routes to relaxation or adventure.

"We hope this service will enable new discoveries," says Škoda Norway director Martine Behrens. "Whether it's a lookout point you didn't know about, an art exhibition or a completely different restaurant than the one you would have otherwise chosen."


Agency: TRY Advertising
Account Manager: Arne Eggen
Project Manager: Trine Olsen
Creatives: Mathias Sandvik, Hallvard Vaaland
Digital Agency: TRY DIG
Production Company: TRY Film
Client: Škoda Norway

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