All Righta! Ore-Ida Just Launched the Zaniest Ads for Its French Fries

You should expect the expected

In addition to revamping its packaging and logo, Ore-Ida just debuted its first ad campaign in five years. The brand touts its French fries as "Deliciously Predictable" in a world that's seemingly out of control.

A zippy, zany clip clocks in at more than two minutes—and the brand's "All Righta" mantra kicks off the festivities. As a couple cooks fries, the scene segues into a song-and-dance extravaganza highlighting predictable things: the sun rises, leaves grow on trees, a bear poops in the woods, birds sing, caterpillars transform into butterflies.

Then comes the unpredictable: Is there a monster under a child's bed? Is your plant dead or alive? Do you need a hair transplant?

Back in the couple's kitchen, the timer goes off, and predictably crispy, fluffy fries are ready to eat.

Ore-Ida | Deliciously Predictable

Johannes Leonardo created the campaign, with Will Wightman of Blinkink directing.

"Deliciously Predictable will serve as the brand's creative North Star for all work moving forward," says Jackie Britva, senior brand manager for Ore-Ida at Kraft Heinz. "We've always been a lighthearted and comedic brand, and our new creative platform allows us to marry that tone with predictability, breathing new excitement into the traditionally duller idea of certainty."

"Through the delightfully irreverent vignettes in our anthem spot, we leverage everyday idioms and examples of certainty in new and unexpected ways with the goal of reminding our fans that when it comes to your potatoes, predictability is preferred," Britva says.

These :15s focus on the sunrise and a mermaid singing about high and low tides:

Ore-Ida | Sunrise-a
Ore-Ida | Tide-a

"Each vignette introduces a beautiful moment of certainty and a character within it singing its praises," Jan Jacobs, co-founder and creative chairman of Johannes Leonardo, tells Muse. "Partway through the song, there is a detour into uncertainty. But the tension is quickly resolved, closing with a big finale with all characters on stage at once, delivering a majestic opus to Ore-Ida potatoes."

He continues: "The campaign has been a spectacular journey of craft—from creating handmade prosthetics for our characters, hand-painted background scenery that draws inspiration from the landscapes of Oregon and Idaho to the hand-drawn 2D animation that seamlessly integrates into the film, the level of craftsmanship across the board is second to none."

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