2 Minutes With ... Rosie Bardales, CCO of BETC London

Her creative picks, from Prince to Picasso

Photo illustration: Ashley Epping

Rosie Bardales has been partner and chief creative officer of BETC London for the past five years, following a stint as creative director at Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, where she led the integrated launch for Levi's Global as well as the Powerade campaigns for the 2012 Olympics and 2014 FIFA World Cup.

She has also worked for BBH London, Mother London/Bueno Aires and Cliff Freeman and Partners in New York, on brands such as Coca-Cola, SABMiller Global, Britvic, Nike, Burberry, P&G, Unilever, Mondelez, LVMH, Bacardi, Gant and Fox Broadcast.

Rosie is a member of the Digital/Mobile & Social Media Jury for the 2019 Clio Awards. We spent two minutes with her to learn more about her background and creative loves. 

Rosie, tell us... 

The place where you were born. 


What you wanted to be when you grew up. 


How you discovered you were creative. 

Still discovering.

A person you idolized creatively growing up. 


The first concert you saw.


Your favorite artist. 


Your favorite hero or heroine in fiction. 

Wonder Woman.

Your favorite movie. 

There's too many.

Your favorite creative project you've ever worked on, and why.

Fox Sports regional news. We took a big leap.

Fox Sports Net | Turkey
Your favorite creative project from the past year, and why. 

Nike London Marathon. A first for BETC.

Someone else's creative project that inspired you years ago. 

Apple, "The Crazy Ones."

Someone else's creative project that you've been envious of lately. 

Droga5's work for The New York Times.

Your main strength as a creative person. 

I let creatives get on with it.

Your weakness or blind spot. 


One thing that always makes you happy. 

Zephir. My Bengal cat.

One thing that always makes you sad.

Endangered species.

What you'd be doing if you weren't in advertising.

Chasing the sun.

Tim Nudd
Tim Nudd was editor in chief of the Clio Awards and editor of Muse by Clio from 2018 to 2023.

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