Striking a Balance Between Security and Freedom in Your Work and Life

Capturing that sweet spot between is key to productivity in all aspects of your life

If we plan every aspect of everything—our finances, our hours on the clock, our exercise routines—we'll inevitably go off the rails at some point. Or many points. If we have no plan whatsoever, it's quite possible that we'll wander in so many different directions that we don't end up getting anywhere.

But if we combine elements of structure, with elements of freeform, we can find the balance.

Maybe we keep a stable job for awhile before we move to LA to sell the script. Or we bank some Benjamins to finance the album, book or film. Or maybe we graduate before we join the circus or tour the comedy clubs of America.

Everybody needs a different balance of security and freedom, and that's fine. Knowing where your boundaries and comfort zone are around this concept will help you tremendously as a creative and a human navigating the twists and turns of your life.

When you find the balance, you'll light up with both the sense of security that you need, and the creative space that fires up your heart.

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Jeff Leisawitz
Jeff Leisawitz is a Clio Gold and Cannes Lion Gold award-winning creative consultant and a life coach for creatives of every flavor. Book a complementary call to step up your game:

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