Clio Music Jury Chairs Offer Sound Advice

Words of wisdom from Brian Monaco, Camille York and Peymon Maskan

In the weeks leading up to the Clio Music Awards in Los Angeles on Jan. 31, the Clio Music jury chairs have spent countless hours discussing and debating the best use of audio across ads, gaming, television, theatrical productions and various types of promos. And they're still eager to talk all things music!

Here, three of those industry leaders share their thoughts on how brands can stay current on musical trends, the importance of honing a strategy and the reasons behind the proliferation of documentaries on musical artists.

Peymon Maskan, Founder and ECD of Radish Music

How should brands approach incorporating music into their creative plans?

Invest in creating a music strategy that includes an analysis of how your competitors are using music and leads to ideas that are actionable and appropriate to the campaigns you are planning. In other words, get your strategy from people who procure and license music. You will build a vocabulary and language to share with your agency and production partners that takes music from a subjective conversation to an objective, actionable plan.  

How does music create affinity between brands and consumers?

The greatest hurdle is delivering that message while maintaining authenticity. Well, nothing is more authentic than a person's reaction to a song. You feel it in your gut, and quickly, without much thought or setup needed. 

How does it benefit brands to start thinking about music early on in the process of creating a commercial as opposed to waiting until the spot is in the edit?

There's a lot to be said for picking music early. But its greatest power is to help align the brand and creators around tone. Two people can read the same script and have different tones in mind. Choosing music in the script phase locks in tone so early, that other creative decisions that follow tend to be super intentional.

Brian Monaco, President, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Sony Music Publishing

How should brands go about choosing the best music to use in ads?

Brands should consider who their target audience is, what type of music would align with their brand's identity and message, and how to ensure that the tone matches their desired emotional response. You want to make sure the music has relatability to the message being conveyed and that it falls in line with the brand's essence.  way.

Why is music such an impactful means of connection between brands and consumers?

Between brands and consumers because it evokes emotions and memories. People often associate songs or genres with specific cultural and emotional experiences which makes music an effective tool when it comes to brands fostering a strong bond with their audience. 

Any advice on how to stay current on musical trends?

Brands should actively monitor popular streaming platforms and music trades, engage and collaborate on social media with emerging artists and attend industry events, concerts and festivals. 

Camille Yorrick, EVP, Visual Content Production, RCA Records

Talk about AI's power to transform music marketing.

It's new and disruptive. A lot of energy is being put around how to mitigate the negative effects, while identifying how it can be helpful. There is still so much to learn.

Why are so many music artists sharing their lives through documentaries these days?

We're in a time where the music space is very saturated with artists. Giving more of your personal life can allow for a deeper connection with your fans, especially for bigger artists. Then there is just general curiosity as humans. It applies to social media also. People love to be voyeurs.

Is the music video still an important marketing tool?

A music video can still be a super important tool. They need to be done with some intention. What do you want to get out of it? What do you want people to feel? It can help define the visual story and showcase an artist's DNA. Are they necessary for every artist and every song release? No. But they can still be super effective, entertaining, thought-provoking. A music video is a creative tool that can do a lot—a piece of visual art that lasts forever. I think that's why artists still love to make them.

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