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On Brand with ... Lauren Weinberg, Global Head of Marketing at Square

Helping small businesses during Covid, and how a career in data led her to champion creativity

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On this week's episode of On Brand, we're pleased to welcome Lauren Weinberg, global head of marketing at Square, the mobile payments company. We speak with Lauren about how Square is helping small businesses—emotionally and logistically—as they struggle through a pandemic that's wreaked havoc on so many of their business models. We also talk about Square's commitment to Black-owned business, the company's embrace of long-form storytelling, its recent move into audio ads, and how Lauren's own background in data and analytics informs her decisions at a brand where creativity is the north star.

New episodes of On Brand roll out every Thursday at 4 p.m. EDT. Each week, Clio president Nicole Purcell and I chat with top brand marketers—most of whom are still working from home—about the value and effectiveness of creativity, what they want from their agency and solution partners, how they're shepherding their brands through Covid and beyond, and more.

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