Meet the Dude Who Plays the Terminix Termite

A Muse pest-clusive with Callan Barr

Buffalo Groupe's Callan Barr is a real pest around the office these days.

The agency strategy and account director appears dons an elaborate custom-made costume as Terry the Termite in the agency's new campaign for Terminix.

Tagged "We Work With Pests," the initiative leverages silliness to break through in a crowded marketplace. It riffs on The Office, with giant bugs taking part in the day-to-day workplace activities.

How'd Callan get the gig?

"Drew the short straw—literally," he tells Muse. "To get into character, I hit our local spot and had a quick bite of the bar."

Ha, such a joker! In this :30, however, Callan steals every scene he infests without saying a word:

Terminix | Terry the Termite

Callan, how's you describe wearing that getup for hours during the shoot? Comfy?

"Hot! Have you ever visited South Carolina? Now, do that in a full-body furry layer. What they don't tell you about costume acting is that you can't see yourself in action—or anybody else in action—or anything, really."

That's why his movements were kept to a minimum—except when he shows up with a treat for the office party.

"You'd think a giant termite walking around with a birthday cake would attract attention," Callan says. "And it did. Everyone kept asking, 'Hey, is that birthday cake up for grabs?'"

And, in case you were wondering, "This is my first foray into the world of insect dress-up."

We'd imagine so—but it won't be the last.

Look for Callan to spread his acting wings—and whiskers—in upcoming spots that focus on mosquitoes, roaches and rodents.

"My family can finally see my talent in action," he says. "Now, all my wife's friends ask if I can dress up at birthday parties."

Launched this week, "We Work With Insects" will initially run across North and South Carolina on cable and CTV, digital video and social media platforms. 

Behold, Callan Barr (partially) debugged:

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