Your Next Holiday Shouldn't Be Truman Show Hell, Says This Creepy-Cool Ad

Cossette gets Orwellian for Flight Centre Canada

Predictable. Uninspired. Unnerving. Creepy. Dystopian. Soul-crushing. Vile.

Such descriptions aren't usually associated with vacation travel. Yet all apply to the extremely entertaining 90-second spot below, from Flight Centre Canada and Cossette, which presents a young couple on an achingly awful Orwellian get-away: 

War is peace. So, fun is … tedium?

Director Joachim Back, who won an Oscar nine years ago for his satirical short The New Tenants, really milks the 1984/Truman Show vibe here. You'll note the inane repetition of the phrase "Please, stay within your comfort zone" (how can you miss it?), a consistently somber color palette, and dozens of mindless professional smiles plastered across the faces of airport greeters, bus drivers and resort staff.

The point, of course, is that Flight Centre offers an uplifting alternative, working with its customers to create itineraries tailored to their specific passions and personalities. 

"We've found that the mentality of travelers is changing—people are seeking more unique and authentic experiences instead of the traditional bucket list, but are reluctant to trust booking to anyone but themselves," says Flight Centre vp of leisure Gavin Miller. "We understand that holidays are the most important weeks of the year, and our Flighties bring vast personal experience which is sorely lacking in a market dominated by algorithms and self-serve booking."

Tagged "Be Unbordered," the work presents a humorous/chilling cinematic take on the notion of travel as a life-enhancing experience by depicting a journey that's anything but. (China Airlines' viral spot from the summer and this campaign explored similar territory in different ways.)

On billboards, Flight Centre's name shines as a beacon of hope amid monochrome text: 

Also, bus-wraps reminds folks to avoid taking trips that ultimately lead nowhere: 

Including Tiny Tim's apocalyptically annoying rendition of "Tiptoe Through the Tulips" in the centerpiece spot was Jedi genius. It's mixed rather low, like a strange, almost-subliminal message ... but the singer's off-key wailing breaks through at random points to gnaw at your nerves.

Hey, Big Brother, we'll take the rats! Just turn that caterwauling off already!


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