These Ads for Refurbished Tech Troll Apple's Product Drops

Behold 'Project R' in all its sustainable glory!

Sure, Apple's hosting a huge product event today that could shake the tech world to its core. Soon, millions worldwide will shell out billions to purchase the latest shiny, digital things from Cupertino.

But ... how about buying a refurbished phone from an online marketplace instead? That could be fun, too!

Back Market and indie agency Gus deftly skewer the droves of silicon-chip heads and super-fans clamoring for more power, pixels and products in "Let Them Buy New," a spoofy :60 below.

Consumers dance around with spanking-new tech, oh so stoked. Such scenes are flashy, trashy and ridiculous, making the point that it's more affordable to buy used devices. Plus, doing so boosts sustainability and helps preserve the environment.

Back Market | The New One

Gus teased the "launch" online and with cute OOH:

Here's the (not-so-) big reveal:

This clip recaps the whole project:

SNL mainstay Mike Diva shot the spots, which will roll out globally.

"Our aim is to spark the idea that consumers actually have a choice," says Gus co-founder and creative director Spencer LaVallee. "It's exhilarating to challenge an entire industry's widespread charade and say, 'You totally have the option to take the red pill.'"

That's the truth pill, dammit! Just in case you've never seen the movie.

"'Let Them Buy New' represents Back Market's refusal to accept the status quo of big tech, and an invitation to join us," says Daniel Brill, the brand's executive creative director. "The problem of E-waste—now the fastest growing form of waste in the world—is one we can all directly affect by choosing circularity. But we also know that you're not going to convince anyone by wagging a finger. So every part of the creative is infused with personality, eccentricity and galaxy-brain level subversion."

Per Back Market, choosing a refurbished phone generates 92 percent fewer CO2 emissions and 89 percent less e-waste. The latter's become a growing worldwide concern in recent years, with Apple among the worst offenders. (The company addressed such issues today in a short film starring Octavia Spencer.)


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David Gianatasio
David Gianatasio is managing editor at Clio Awards.

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