Paris Hilton Dials Up the Hotness for Taco Bell

She's all about the Volcano Menu

Nostalgia's so darn haaawt these days! Now, Taco Bell serves up a spicy, crunchy take, casting Paris Hilton for the return of its Volcano Menu, a big seller back in the 2000s.

Paris exemplifies hotness from that era, so she's a fine choice. Plus, Hilton always has fun with her kitschy image, as we saw earlier this year in a similar turn for fintech brand Klarna.

Now, she's on form for Taco Bell, bathed in pink and purple hues that scream oughts!, fielding calls on a "What's Hot" phone line.

Taco Bell | Paris Hilton

Yeah, it's a landline. That's how we rolled 20 years ago. And the way she says, "Don't know what to order for dinner, babe?" She sounds so deliciously dismissive. My face started melting, like cheddar cheese on a Volcano Taco slathered with Lava Sauce!

"We’re always listening to our fans, and the extensive passion and needs of the Volcano fanbase could no longer go unmet," says Taylor Montgomery, U.S. brand CMO. "Taco Bell is always looking to deliver on the 'surprise' factor for fans and build on our reputation of choosing authentic partnerships with those who are already mega-fans," he says. "So, to bring the heat for this major campaign, we called on none other than Paris Hilton—always in-the-know on what's hot."

Deutsch L.A. developed the campaign with Hilton's 11:11 Media company.

Fans can call 1-844-THTS-HOT for pre-recorded messages. Start dialing, babe!

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