KFC Playfully Skewers Fan Attempts to Recreate Its Chicken Recipe at Home

'We'll take it from here,' says Mother spot

Attention, KFC fans across the U.K. and Ireland: Step away from the stove and put those drumsticks back in the freezer!

Nearly 500 of the chicken chain's shops in those markets have now reopened for delivery. So, devotees of the Colonel's 11 herbs and spices need no longer slave over a skillet to recreate KFC's recipe at home.

And that's a good thing. Because judging from this amusing video from Mother London, the DIY process, turned up high since KFC closed its nearly 1,000 U.K. and Ireland restaurants in March, left some cooks with egg on their face:

KFC Is Back!

Well, those dishes looked … tasty? They certainly gave Céline Dion something to sing about at maximum volume.

"Every single image was shot by a real fan, capturing their lovingly homemade attempts at KFC," notes Mother partner Hermeti Balarin. "Some even went to the trouble of creating the packaging—buckets, boxes and fries packets—to get the experience as close as possible to the real thing."

Was that supposed to be the Harland Sanders' face on those napkins? It looks more like Homer Simpson. (An extra-crispy fan, to be sure!)

In the past few months, the brand received about 13,000 video submissions to its #RateMyKFC challenge on social media, providing Mother with "all we needed to make this ad," Balarin says.

As for the inclusion of Dion's dramatic (brain-searing?) take on "All By Myself," he adds: "We had to make sure everyone sits up and notices that KFC's back. This is big news!"


Client: KFC U.K. & Ireland
Campaign: "We'll take it from here…"
Creative, Strategy, Production: Mother
Media: Mindshare
Music: "All By Myself" by Céline Dion

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