Jinx Dog Food Honored Three POTUS Pups for Presidents' Day

Fido, Pushinka and Bo hit the National Mall

Every presidential dog must have its day.

Well, not all of them. But to mark Presidents' Day, canine nutrition brand Jinx created statues of three dogs owned by former U.S. commanders-in-chief for a display on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

Fido, Pushinka and Bo—the best furry friends of Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy and Barak Obama, respectively—were so honored:

"Over the past couple of years, we've realized how much we depend on our pets for emotional support," says Jinx co-founder Sameer Mehta. "At Jinx, we all turn to our dogs to get through tough days, and we thought if that was true for us, imagine the pressure of being the president of the United States. That's why we put politics aside to celebrate our companions-in-chief—the dogs that have been there for some of our nation's greatest leaders, ready and waiting for belly rubs and daily walks."

Sounds a bit like Mike Pence, actually.

The statues were 3-D printed, "made to look like bronze to match the feel of the National Mall," Mehta says. "There is a plaque explaining the activation with a QR code to learn more. We wanted to commemorate three different eras of dog history. We would have loved to do more, and hopefully will showcase others in the future."

Ample incentive for Major, Joe Biden's notoriously naughty German Shepherd, to shape the hell up. (Maybe Jinx's scented bowser billboards make him all bitey.)
"Jinx is a brand that is here to amplify, empower and celebrate the life of dogs," says Mehta. "Any opportunity to highlight a dog's impact on the world is an opportunity for our brand to show up. This time, it was celebrating a different breed of POTUS—pups of the United States."

Following Monday's event, the statues will move to an exhibit at the Humane Rescue Alliance in D.C. (If you drop by to check them out, please curb your dog.)


Jinx Co-Founders: Sameer Mehta + Terri Rockovich + Michael Kim
Creative Director: Nechama Muchnik
Art Director: Laura Zalewski
Executive Producer: Rinny Shim
Photographer: Grace Scuitto
Illustration: Madelyne Adams
Production + Design Agency: Brains on Fire
Sculptures Created by: Crux Scenica

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