Jell-O Will Help You With a Classic Office Prank for April Fools'

Even if you're still working from home

Thanks to those jokers at Jell-O and Leo Burnett Chicago, you can play a classic workplace prank for April Fool's Day, even if you're still toiling for home.

Inspired by a famous gag on The Office, Jell-O created a Stapler Mold Prank Kit. The package consists of a stapler-shaped gelatin mold, four boxes of lemon and one box of black cherry flavored Jell-O, plus a guide to help recreate the wiggly, jiggly prank.

It's a terrific trick to play on that stuffy HR director, right? And if you're not back in the office yet, prank yourself!

Supplies are limited, but you can enter here for a chance to win an official Jell-O-branded kit. (Why settle for unbranded versions wobbling around the internet for years?) This particular kit comes with $60 to cover a premium subscription to Peacock, the steaming service where The Office lives nowadays.

That the bit shook up both the U.S. version of the sitcom and the British original:

Lighten up Dwight and/or Gareth, it's funny every time. (That's what she said!)

"Now felt like the perfect time to launch the kit because March marks the one-year anniversary of offices across the country closing due to Covid-19, and we know many people are missing the camaraderie, including harmless pranks, that come with being in the same environment as your co-workers," Nicole Kulwicki, general manager of easy indulgent desserts at Jell-O parent Kraft Heinz, tells Muse. "The goal was to tap into ways that the brand is being used in popular culture and allow consumers to replicate those ideas."


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Associate Director, Allison Kelly
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David Gianatasio
David Gianatasio is managing editor at Clio Awards.

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