Home for the Holidays? Block Fox News From Your Parents' TV, and Watch Them Go Nuts

Ad creatives launch the hilarious #OutFoxTheHolidays

The holiday season will be a painful one for lots of people heading home to visit their Trump-supporting parents. But perhaps this can help. 

In expert bit of trolling, a new campaign advises those of you visiting your MAGA-hat-owning parents this week to use the parental controls on the television to block Fox News—the only channel they ever watch, probably, and a big reason for their support of the president. They won't understand what's happened, and they'll never figure out how to fix it. 

The campaign is called #OutFoxTheHolidays. In the video below, Andy Richter plays a Trump-loving dad who becomes the victim of just such a TV hijacking. Carrie Madsen plays the mom, and DC Pierson and Becky Robinson play the son and daughter. 

The insight of parents being, essentially, children who need their media intake monitored couldn't be more spot-on. And it's impressive that the campaign just goes for it, even suggesting you film and share your parents' reaction to the channel going missing. 

The #OutFoxTheHolidays movement was created by three advertising creative directors—Zac Sax, formerly of Droga5 and BBH, and Aaron Mosher and David Yankelewitz, a creative team who've worked together at 360i and Ogilvy. (None of those agencies were involved in this project.) 

Creative Director: Zac Sax
Creative Director: Aaron Mosher
Creative Director: David Yankelewitz

Director: Glenn F Clements
Producer: Kate K Dowd
Producer: Phil Pessaro
Line Producer: Michelle Basterrechea
Associate Producer: James Shickich
Post Production Producer: Pamela Heller
Director of Photography: Nate Cornett
2nd Operator: Kevin Stiller
Gaffer: Jenn Cohen-Harriman
AC / Lighting: Danny Hahn
AC: Allan De Leon
Media Manager: Jim Dempsey
Sound: Taylor Coe
Production Designer: Amy Plouff
Prop Master: Berwin Bell
Stylist: Lynette Pone
Hair & Makeup: Dana Holm
Production Assistants: Kirby Socker, Chanler Jackson, Ian Jones
Editor: Crandall Miller, Whitehouse Post
Colorist: Darin Wooldridge
Sound Design and Mix: Diana David, Pomann Sound NYC
Graphics: Chris Weller
Illustrator: Manuel Cetina
Art Director: Aaron Mosher
Writers: Zac Sax, David Yankelewitz, Aaron Mosher, and Rob Kutner
Creative Consultant: Jay Katsir
Apron Writer: Craig Baldo
PR: Rebecca Sullivan

Dad: Andy Richter
Mom: Carrie Madsen
Son: DC Pierson
Daughter: Becky Robinson
Special thanks to Genoa Terheggen, Aimee Mosher, Steve Lui, Craig Baldo, Gabe Laskin, Nicole Severi, C-Mount, Jason Liquori, Dan Adlerstein, Stu Smith, Doug Karo, Rosie Keller, Dave Lyons, and Danny Adrain

Tim Nudd
Tim Nudd was editor in chief of the Clio Awards and editor of Muse by Clio from 2018 to 2023.

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