Food Stylists Fake Everything to Get the Perfect Shot... Except Heinz

It's camera ready straight from the bottle

Food stylists make the cuisine used in advertising look perfect. So, of course, it's almost always fakery. Denture cream pinch hits for mayo and that strawberry gets its red hue from nail polish.

One ingredient that doesn't need to be faked, however, is ketchup. Specifically: Heinz.

Rethink launched "Unfakeable," a :60 targeting Gen Z and Millennials that gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the magic of food photography and why Heinz needs no substitute.

"We wanted to put our ketchup to the test," says Lizzy Goodman, brand communications manager at Heinz. "We invited real food stylists to a commercial shoot to learn about the tricks that go into making food look 'camera ready.' The stylists did not know this was a commercial for Heinz, and yet unlike the other ingredients on set that were manipulated to achieve a certain look, Heinz ketchup remained untouched—used right out of the bottle.

The ad is running on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

The next time you see food advertising, remember: Shoe polish enhances hamburger grill marks, and they screw pizza to tables to create those epic cheese pulls we all dream about.


Client: Kraft Heinz
Nina Patel, Head of Brand Comms North America
Megan Lang, Director, Brand Comms
Jacqueline Chao, Sr. Brand Manager
Lizzy Goodman, Brand Manager
Jenna Thornton, Director of External Communications & PR, North America
Alexandra Lieberman, Manager, North American Brand PR and Media Relations

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Lulu Saias, Account Executive

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