Flora, Fauna and Inanimate Objects Sing Out for Oregon Tourism

Kayaks, telephone poles, boots and more

Travelers need more than pics of rivers to kayak, mountains to hike and wine to taste when making vacation decisions. So Travel Oregon and Wieden+Kennedy Portland brought inanimate objects to life, serving as personal guides to highlight local gems and activities unique to Oregon.

SustainaBill the beaver educates visitors on sustainable travel; Boots—literally, they're hiking shoes—tour trails throughout the state; Kayakyak (yes, a canoe) talks water excursions; Dark Sky (really, the firmament) shares stargazing advice; a pole named Telephone Paul is brimming with info; and Rosa (she's a flower) offers tips on food and wine.

Directed by Joe Pelling, the work seeks to forge personal connections between tourists and residents—like the hiking guide who shares his favorite trails or a park ranger with info on the best places to stargaze.

Travel Oregon With Travel Oregon

"Travel has become so much more than picking a place out on a map. It has become personal. It's not just about going to see Oregon. It's about going to see Oregon in a way that is green and sustainable," says Nick Stokes, creative director at W+K. "It's not just about seeing the landmarks. It's about going deeper and discovering the true gems this place has to offer in a way where you know you'll be welcome and prepared no matter who you are or what your experience."

Take it from the omnipotent celestial Dark Sky: "I have gazed down upon this land for many millennia. My love has grown with each. We are grateful for the opportunity to reveal what one can truly experience."

A 30-second version of the ad will run during live events like the Women's World Cup, NFL coverage and College Football games, as well as on Hulu, Peacock and YouTube. Out-of-home ads will appear along the West Coast and digitally at EV charging stations.

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