Droga5's First Ads for Twizzlers Are a Heady Experience (Sort of)

'Chew on it,' says the candy brand

Feed your head … with Twizzlers!

In its first work for the Hershey-owned candy brand, Droga5 lightheartedly portrays the treats as a kind of brain food, perfect for those times when you want to "Chew on it" and mull important (or completely irrelevant) questions.

Twizzlers are chewy, after all. So, munch away, and let all that sugar, corn syrup (also sugar), wheat flour (really!) and Red 40 spark enlightenment.

Having a hard time cracking the case? Just chew on it, deep in the woods, with yards of yellow police tape embracing the trees, and all shall be revealed. 

Actually, that dude never made up his mind. Also, shouldn't he be focusing on work? 

Next, we get some melancholy musings about the heartless progression of years … and skateboards: 

She should leave him out on the road, but keep that bag of Twizzlers for herself!

Finally, a bride has second thoughts about absolutely nothing to do with her wedding: 

Did she put too many exclamations points in that work email? Oh, yeah!!!!!!!!

"The idea was born out of the truth about Twizzlers," says Droga5 group creative director Brandon Pierce. "They're not too sweet. They have just the right amount of candy essence. They travel well because they don't melt. Most importantly, they're the type of snack that lets you zone out and go wherever your imagination or daydreams take you, no matter what the circumstances are."

Director Kristoffer Borgli builds a nice jokey tension with fluid camerawork that propels the inner monologues. He never strays into silly/surreal Skittles territory, though there's a similar tang, and comparisons could be inevitable.

"This subtle humor worked so well because it matched the subtle fruit flavor of Twizzlers that our audience loves," Pierce says. 

Fair enough. Just don't overthink it.


Client: Twizzlers/Hershey

Agency: Droga5 NY
Creative Chairman: David Droga
Chief Creative Officer: Neil Heymann
Group Creative Director: Brandon Pierce 
Associate Creative Director: Michael Kleinman 
Associate Creative Director: Leilanni Todd
Senior Copywriter: Daniel Litzow
Copywriter : Caroline Ekrem
Copywriter : Evan Barkoff 
Art Director: Castro Desroches 
Senior Project Manager: Lara Yegenoglu
Chief Creation Officer: Sally-Ann Dale 
Director of Film Production: Jesse Brihn 
Executive Producer, Film: Mike Hasinoff 
Producer, Film: Sophie Paton 
Music Supervisor: Mike Ladman
Sr. Business Affairs Manager: Tom Vendittelli 
Global Chief Strategy Officer: Jonny Bauer
Head of Strategy: Harry Román-Torres
Strategy Director: Ned Sonnenschein
Head of Communications Strategy: Dean Challis
Communications Strategy Director: Kathryn Ruocco 
Chief Intelligence Officer: Amy Avery
Group Data Strategy Director: Lily Ng
Senior Data Strategist: Joy McKenzie
Group Account Director: Jessica Kingsbery 
Account Director: Jordan Cappadocia 
Associate Account Manager: Sydney Golden

Client: Twizzlers/Hershey
Chief Marketing Officer : Jill Baskin
General Manager, US Confection: Chuck Raup
Director Marketing Strategy & Development: Kelsey Robertson
Brand Manager: Nathan Johnson
Sr. Associate Brand Manager: Joseph Gibilisco 

Production Company: Furlined
Director: Kristoffer Borgli 
DOP: Sam Eley 
Executive Producer: Jay Wakefield 
Producer: Darrin Ball 

Editorial: Arcade 
Editor: Dave Anderson
Assistant Editor: Joseph Petruccio
Executive Producer: Sila Soyer
Producer: Andrew Cravotta 

Post Production: MPC 
Executive Producer: Matthew Loranger 
Producer: Krystle Timm 

Post Production: Color Collective
Colorist: Alex Bickel 
Producer: Claudia Guevara 

Sound: Wave Studios 
Mixer: Aaron Reynolds 

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