Burger King Soothes Your Hangover via Facial Recognition

Tech rides to the rescue

The best use for facial recognition systems? Combatting holiday hangovers, what else?

Burger King Brazil and agency DM9 work the pixels for revelers, providing special discounts on Whoppers through the brand's app and a dedicated website

Just take a selfie and the tech gauges your hangover level, recommending specific combos and discounts.

Burger King | Hangover Whopper

The worse you feel, the more you save. That's capitalism in action!

"It is a privilege to have partners like Burger King, who use boldness, innovation and irreverence as essential ingredients and are willing to put brand actions like this into practice," says Icaro Doria, co-president and CCO of DM9. "In this case, the use of facial recognition technology combined with humor will generate another fun connection with consumers."

See, such tech's not scary at all, and nothing could ever conceivably go wrong.

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