An 11-Year-Old Schools Adults on Active-Shooter Drills in This Powerful PSA

Kids are the experts, March for Our Lives reminds us

"You can't cry. It gives away your position and your hiding spot."

An 11-year-old named Kayleigh gives that chilling piece of advice to adults on how to survive an active-shooter event in a new PSA from March for Our Lives, titled "Generation Lockdown."

McCann New York and Hungry Man director Bryan Buckley filmed the spot during an all-staff meeting at a company in National City, Calif., near San Diego. 

Generation Lockdown — March For Our Lives

Told they'll be schooled by an "expert" on the subject, the grownups gasp when Kayleigh walks in. Some stare open-mouthed as she begins, "If there was an active shooter, you'd all be dead." She then calmly reels off a grim lockdown protocol: 

"When you talk out loud, the shooter can tell where you are, and where you're hiding. Sometimes we play the game, 'Who Can Stay Quietest the Longest?' so we all remember."

"You can try to protect your friend by pushing the tables and chairs against the doors."

"You also have to put a piece of paper over the door window so they can't see in."

"If you're in the bathrooms, you have to stand on the toilet seat, and crunch down, so they can't see your feet, and they can't see your head."

There's more, and it's harrowing, especially when Kayleigh jarringly shouts "Bang! Bang! Bang!" to simulate gunfire and sings a song that helps schoolkids remember the lockdown rules.

Throughout, the adults look increasingly uncomfortable and upset. Perhaps they're wondering how we reached the point where a kid has to perform such drills at school, and why society tolerates stolen childhoods and classroom carnage as a seemingly daily fact of life. 

By some estimates, 95 percent of schoolkids 5 and older train for active-shooter episodes. This PSA drives that point home in stark but straightforward terms, ultimately urging viewers to back federal legislation providing universal background checks for firearms sales. (Formed after last year's mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., which claimed 17 lives, the student-led March for Our Lives promotes gun violence prevention.)

"The idea was inspired by a single tweet that one of our strategists found," McCann creative director Alex Little tells Muse. "A mom describes the heartbreaking moment her kid came home from school and told her that today he learned to barricade his class door. A couple of days later we had a safety drill at McCann and asked ourselves, 'What if a kid was running this thing?' The idea doesn't take long to explain, and when people are moved by a quick idea summary, you know you have something special."

When casting the lead, "we reached out to March for Our Lives chapters in the area and asked about any young activists who had experienced lockdown drills," says producer Gabrielle Levy. "They suggested the incredible Kayleigh. She is not an actor. She has never been in a PSA. She is simply a kid who goes to school and is forced to learn to lockdown drills like millions of other kids."

McCann gathered active-shooter drill instructions from across the country and combined them into a single piece. "We didn't want to portray just one child's experience, because this impacts every kid in America," says creative director Karsten Jurkschat.

The employees had no idea Kayleigh would be leading the active-shooter session. "Everyone—the staff, McCanners and crew from Hungry Man—was choking up," Jurkschat says. "You could feel the emotion in the room, and outside it, because honestly, nothing can prepare you for hearing an 11-year-old girl describing how to run from a man with a semi-automatic rifle."

Kayleigh provided this comment on her participation: "I am honored to be a part of this project to end gun violence because I live in fear every day. I am a leader in my school, and I try to stay calm and quiet during our lockdown drills, but on the inside I am so scared. I don't want to die. I don't want my brothers, my friends or my teachers to die. Please help make schools safe. Make it stop."

"Generation Lockdown" launched Monday and in 24 hours has generated 2 million online views, in addition to a share by Sen. Kamala Harris, one of the hopefuls vying for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination.

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