Aces! U.S. Open Tie-Ins and Other Great Tennis Ads

Amex, Prudential, Coca-Cola and more

In celebration of the U.S. Open, Muse sibling Ads of the World shines a spotlight on all things tennis. Featuring exploding boundaries, an adorable victory dance and super-powered tennis balls. Now, everybody say, "OOOOOOOOO! HAAAAAAAAAA!"

Amex, 'Advantage: Yours 30 USTA'

American Express is making a triumphant return as a sponsor for the U.S. Open Tennis Championships. Below, we follow the journey of a mother and daughter, both passionate fans, as they explore the event and unlock experiences with the power of Amex cards.

Prudential, 'Now What?'

Prudential Financial joins forces with 19-year-old sensation Ethan Quinn, in collaboration with McCann N.Y. Set during the Open, this campaign follows Ethan as he enters a transformative chapter of his journey en route to turning pro.

Morgan Stanley, 'Boundary'

Featuring Canadian pro and Morgan Stanley ambassador Leylah Fernandez, and crafted by The Marketing Arm, this entry explores the synergy between the financial services titan and and the Women's Tennis Association. Bottom line: "The Game Is for Everyone."

Renault, 'The Best Season of the year'

In this dreamlike film from Renault and Publicis Conseil, clay falls from the sky like snow, covering streets and whole cities. From Europe to Asia, amateur and professional players celebrate the arrival of tennis season. 

Michelob Ultra, 'Peace Treaty'

Who's up for an endearing victory dance paired with a refreshing peace offering? (Spoiler: It's beer!)

LTA, 'The Tennisables'

2021 U.S. Open champ Emma Raducanu serves to rising star Jack Draper. Soon, a magical transformation takes place, with the ball morphing into a charismatic animated character known as—wait for it ... can you guess? —"Ace." 

Coca-Cola's OOHA, 'OOHA'

OOOOOOOOO! HAAAAAAAAAA! Just watch the video.

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